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Pyramyd Air is the top online airgun store in the world. We were the first U.S. airgun dealer to accept online orders, and our website has been online since 1998. But why is it called Pyramyd Air? What do pyramids have to do with airguns?

Pyramyd Air began as a division of Pyramyd Stone, a company that sourced and sold quality stone products like marble to builders. The original owner, Josh Ungier, recognized a need for airguns to control the pests in his yard. He realized that a firearm wasn’t a great tool for getting rid of chipmunks and woodchucks on his residential property. When he discovered how useful airguns were, he decided to sell them as well as use them.

Over time, the company stopped working with stone and shifted completely to airguns. Pyramyd Air sold airguns only through its catalog and directly at airgun shows at first. Then it set up a website to accept orders, and the rest is history. So, airguns don’t relate directly to pyramids as much as stone does, but the name stuck, and so did the pyramid shape in the logo.


Plenty of people have used BB guns before, so they often think of all airguns as toys or something for kids to use until they get older and graduate to firearms. In short, they’re sometimes not seen as “real” because they don’t use gunpowder. But when you take the time to look at some of their advantages and how you can use them, you’ll see they’re for shooters of all ages and can absolutely be used for hunting.

One of the biggest benefits of airguns is that they can typically be used in a suburban setting instead of requiring a dedicated shooting range. This means you usually won’t need special planning and travel to get in some trigger time. In colder climates, airguns can even be shot in a basement or other indoor area like a garage, so it’s easy to keep in practice year-round.

Airguns and their ammo are also less expensive than firearms and firearm ammo. Airgun ammo usually doesn’t suffer the same shortage problems. It’s both easier to get and allows you to accomplish more shooting for less money. In addition, airguns are a good choice for uses such as backyard pesting because they’re generally safer than a firearm for use in populated areas, and they’re more neighbor-friendly because they have a lower overall noise level compared to firearms.


Replica airguns are designed to allow you to practice using a version that has nearly identical look, feel and operation to the firearms they’re modeled after. That also often includes the same size and weight, and blowback that simulates recoil. Because airguns usually cost less than firearms, it’s easy to own a few of them so you can stay familiar with using the gun without having to worry about going to a range or getting special ammo.

Pyramyd has airguns like the Glock 17, Walther PPK/S, Smith & Wesson M&P and Springfield Armory 1911 that can be used to hone your skills with things like holster practice, magazine swap drills and target shooting.

Many airgun models are close copies of famous guns from history. This lets you own a gun that looks and operates very much like a military gun or other rare model that is either unavailable or cost prohibitive. Popular replicas, such as the Legends M1A1 Full-Auto, Diana Mauser K98 and Springfield Armory M1A give you a chance to own a piece of history without cashing out your retirement fund.


Airguns can definitely be used for hunting, and they all feature the accuracy and power to kill game humanely if you use them properly, by matching the type and power level of the gun with the animal you’re hunting. You can use smaller-bore or lower-power air rifles to hunt game like rabbits, but you’ll need more power — at least 35-50 foot/pounds of energy or more — to hunt medium-sized game like foxes or coyotes.

Almost all airguns designed for hunting shoot either pellets or slugs because they give you the best combination of weight and velocity to get effective penetration and energy transfer on impact. You can find a hunting map at Pyramyd Air that shows you the laws regarding the types of game that are legal to hunt in all 50 states, so you can plan where to go and what to hunt when you get there.


If you’re only familiar with airguns as practice and plinking guns, you might be surprised to learn there’s a lot more to them, specifically in their ability to take down almost any game found anywhere in the world. Big bore airguns can rival the performance of firearms rifles in terms of their accuracy and ability to take big game, especially out to a distance of about 50 yards. Models like the Seneca Dragon Claw are excellent for hunters because they feature the power to ethically hunt animals, from raccoons to deer and feral hogs, using either lead balls or air bolts. The Seneca Wing Shot II can be used as both an air rifle or an air shotgun, as well as for shooting air bolts.

There are many other models of powerful big bores that excel at hunting, with the Airforce Texan, Umarex Hammer and Hatsan Piledriver leading the way with power ranging from 600 fpe to 800-plus fpe. If you’re still not sure if that’s enough power for big game hunting, know that Keith Warren took down a Cape buffalo in Africa, and his daughter Matti did the same thing a few years later, both using a Seneca Dragon Claw. You can find this and other specially selected packages featuring hunting air rifles that give you everything you need right out of the box, at


When you shop with us, you’ll get the best air rifles you can find, and our customer service staff can direct you to the combination of gun and equipment that does what you want. Unlike your local big box store or a large retail website with different types of items, we have articles and videos with expert information that will help you get the most out of your airgun experience.

Plus, when you call or chat with us, you can talk to people who have actually used the products we sell. Many of our employees own and use airguns for pest control, hunting, competitive shooting and backyard plinking, which is something you won’t often find at other places that happen to sell airguns. Airguns aren’t just something we happen to sell, they’re the heart of what we do and why we’re in business. So, give us a visit, learn about airguns and your options, and use our resources to pick a perfect airgun package for your next hunt.

When you’re ready to get an airgun and accessories that match what you need, head to, call us at (888) 262-4867, email us at [email protected], text us at (330) 886-4741, or visit to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable airgun experts.

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