Protesting The Protesters The Right Way Does Not Include Eating A Raw Pigs Head In Public

Dconfused pigealing with the insanity of the animal rights crowd can lead one to the brink of, well, insanity. But it appears that one meat-eating activist was pushed a bit too far in a recent confrontation at a Brighton vegan food fest.

The unusual culinary display occurred as the man was surrounded by vegan activists as he began to chomp down on a raw pig head. Yum. (Would you care for a side of trichinosis with that?)

He was confronted by members of the Brighton chapter of Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights group, who surrounded him holding signs including “it's not food, it's violence” and “meat is murder.”

“The pony-tailed carnivore is believed to have been part of a planned demonstration by meat-eaters,” the festival organizers told The Sun.

The anti-vegan protest was in response to the recent shenanigans of Direct Action Everywhere, which made news by storming a restaurant, disrupting the patrons by flailing “meat is murder” signs at them while they tried to dine – on steak.

According to the vegan fest organizers, meat eating members of the public told them that the revolting spectacle of the raw pig head eater had encouraged them to give up eating meat. Maybe. Until the next time they order a burger.

There are better ways to confront animal rights protestors. At the very least, cook the meat before going to protest. Admittedly the shock value may not be the same – but at least one can be pretty sure they won’t suffer any unintended “consequences.”

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