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Family Antilocapridae

The pronghorn is a truly unique species found only in North America. Long called an antelope or a goat, it is neither. This species is found in western Canada, the western US and is being brought back from an endangered status in northern Mexico. It is hunted only in Alberta, Canada; and numerous western states in the United States.

See the listing below and follow the links for more information on hunting techniques and what you should expect when pursuing this quarry.


+Description and Record Book Entries

+About Hunting Pronghorn

Pronghorns have excellent eyesight. Often called “speed goats,” pronghorn will run up to 55 miles an hour when alarmed. Hunting them requires using the natural contours of the land to stalk close enough for a shot. Decoys are also productive, especially for archery hunting. In some areas, especially where animals are accustomed to seeing people and vehicles, hunters will drive along roads to spot pronghorn and glass. Once an appropriate animal is found, the hunters stalk on foot and set up for a shot. Hunters should be proficient shooting at least 300 to 400 yards with a rifle. A rangefinder is handy when hunting pronghorn.

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