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Professional Hunter Spotlight – Tollie Jordaan

PH-Spotlight-TollieThe love of nature and dedication to conservation motivated Tollie Jordaan to become a professional hunter beginning his career in 1986. He considers trophy hunting the best conservation tool because adding value to animals protects the species from extinction. Hunting has been a way of life for him and he is the fifth generation on the family property. Greatly influenced by the surroundings in which he lives, Jordaan is carrying on the true values of his family’s heritage.

The majority of Jordaan’s hunting takes place on his own land and family ranches that total in excess of 50,000 acres, and on 120,000 acres on neighboring ranches with the base in South Africa and the Eastern Cape. He hunts all African species, as well as the Big Five, from elephant to blue duiker. After acquiring an additional farm called Buffelsfontein (Buffalo Spring), Jordaan fulfilled his lifelong dream to reintroduce buffalo that had been hunted there long ago. Sable and nyala are also hunted on this property.

Depending the game being hunted, Jordaan uses a .458 Lott for the Big Five and a .300 Win. Mag. for plains game.

Through the years, he has had many memorable experiences. He commented, “What I really enjoy is taking out first time hunters, especially women and children, and teaching them how to hunt. It is hard to beat the excitement of seeing them take their first animal. Clients see our lifestyle and culture and become part of our family. My goal is to make every hunt the most memorable that anyone has had.”

Especially significant in Jordaan’s career was teaching his three sons to shoot their first animal.   He explains, “I gave each of the boys a slingshot and they had to practice until they could shoot a bird with it. Then, I upgraded them to a pellet gun, and finally to a .22 rifle. Before the boys were six years old, each had taken their first springbok. These memories are special for each of my three sons.”

Tollie‚Äôs African Safaris is family owned and operated by Tollie Jordaan and his wife, Karen. In 1995, Jordaan became a SCI Member and has exhibited at the Convention every year since. He is involved in many local programs–conservation, education, anti-poaching–and supports an orphanage in Somerset East. Other activities offered include fly-fishing, deep-sea fishing and tours of Victoria Falls, and Krueger Park.

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