Professional Hunter Spotlight – Liliana Saccomano

Algar Safaris.  Explaining her motivation she said, “I wanted to utilize my expertise focusing on enhancing clients’ opportunities for successful, memorable hunts.”  Interest in improving the quality of species and dedication to conservation were additional motivating factors that led her to this new venture.

Saccomano guides for 18 species including fallow deer, axis deer, Pere David deer, mouflon sheep and the majestic red stag, which is the most popular. On Expedition Safari, Saccomano guided host Mike Rogers, Jr. on his red stag hunt and appeared on the show.

When afield, Liliana carries rifles chambered for .270, .30-06 or .300 Winchester Magnum, which she regards as optimum for their hunts.  She also guides for bowhunters and often hunts from horseback to cover the vast unoccupied private ranch in Neuquén province in northern Patagonia.

Saccomano’s decades of days afield with clients have provided many memorable experiences. She shared her cherished recollection of guiding the late, iconic exhibition shooter, Tom Knapp, on his red stag hunt. “My experience with Tom was fabulous during the several days we spent finding his trophy. The first day, we saw the red deer far away. On several occasions, we had to crawl, but despite the effort and fatigue, Tom with his characteristic good humor, always lifted everyone’s spirits. Finally, in a forest, we found the red stag surrounded by several females at about 120 yards. We communicated in sign language to get Tom set up and he made a clean one shot kill.”

An active member of the Argentina SCI Chapter, Saccomano offers a program for youngsters designed to give them the chance to get interested in hunting and learn about conservation. She also participates in the Sensory Safari program.

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