Preserving Hunting Access—Mojave Trails National Monument Scoping Comments

SCI and our California Chapter Coalition submitted a comment letter to the Bureau of Land Management regarding scoping for a management plan for the Mojave Trails National Monument. The Monument was designated in 2016 to protect important archaeological, cultural, and paleontological resources in the California desert. The Monument provides important public lands hunting for quail, chukar, deer, and bighorn sheep. The Monument also abuts the Mojave National Preserve, which contains additional hunting areas. SCI’s comment requests that the BLM maintain all current hunting opportunities. Further, we suggest that the BLM work with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to open additional sheep hunting opportunities on the Monument. We also request that the management plan preserve off-highway vehicle access for hunting. The BLM will take SCI’s comment, along with others submitted, and develop a draft management plan and environmental analysis for additional public review.