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Preliminary 2017 Pennsylvania Bear Harvest Results

Hunters during the final day of Pennsylvania’s statewide bear season harvested 168 bears, raising the 2017 statewide season harvest to 1,796 – an approximately 30 percent decrease compared to the 2,579 bears taken during the four days of the statewide season in 2016. Archery and other early-bear season harvest data is not included in those numbers.

Extensive rain on the season’s opening day, Nov. 18, led to the harvest decline.

During the statewide season, bears were harvested in 54 counties.

The top 10 bears processed at check stations were either estimated or confirmed to have live weights of 576 pounds or more.

Two bears over 500 pounds were taken on the season’s final day. A male estimated at 581 pounds was taken in Tuscarora Township, Perry County, and another male estimated at 568 pounds was taken in Fox Township, Elk County.

The state’s heaviest bear in the statewide season – a male estimated at 700 pounds – was taken in Oil Creek Township, Venango County.

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