Portable Security From Tuffy

Rugged Security Systems That Live Up To Their Name.

The need for a secure way to transport outdoor gear, firearms or personal items has always been a concern, especially when one may be travelling a considerable distance from home base.

Such was the catalyst that helped create Tuffy Security Products and the growth to a wide range of security systems to accommodate the gear of everyone from law enforcement professionals to outdoor recreation enthusiasts and, of course, hunters across the country.

Ironically, it was a theft that led to the creation of Tuffy Security Products. Founder Shawn Gregory returned from a mountain bike ride with friends only to discover that someone had broken into his Jeep and had stolen all of his gear.

He realized the standard plastic console in his Wrangler was no deterrent to thieves, so he created a lockable wooden box that he bolted to the floor of his vehicle. Other friends with Jeeps liked his idea and requested their own version of his lockbox. And so, Tuffy Security Products was born.

In the years since this inauspicious beginning, Tuffy Security Products has expanded its product lines to include items designed for a wide range of vehicles, from SUVs and pickups to construction vehicles, security teams, law enforcement and fire fighters and EMT’s.

In addition to its professional line, Tuffy also provides a line of products targeted to recreational users in a wide variety of sizes for most popular trucks and SUV’s as well as some universal lockboxes for use in more types of vehicles.

Tuffy provided one of its large portable lockboxes for use in both my SUV and pickup, so I could switch from one to the other, depending on what I was carrying and what I planned to drive on any particular day. It is the Large Tuffy Portable Safe for review.

The substantial but relatively light weight of the lockbox is impressive. The portable safe measures 11 3/8”L x 71/4”W x 1 4/5”H. Since I was primarily going to use the product to securely transport a concealed carry weapon, I wanted to get a feel of the capacity of the lockbox.

First, I placed a full-sized service type weapon (my selection was a .45 ACP Ruger) along with two additional magazines. The firearm and the magazines fit well within the box. It closed and locked perfectly. I then placed a compact 9mm and extra magazine with a spare cell phone in the lock box. Again, the box closed and locked with no issues.

The next step was to find out how tough the Tuffy really is. Since I was working from home, I decided to do a drop test from my roof. I put the compact 9mm, spare magazine and a multi-tool in the box, climbed onto my roof and dropped the locked box from approximately 12 feet. Twice.

The first time the box landed right-side-up and flat. On the next drop, the box landed on one corner and ended up on its lid. Opening the lockbox proved nothing was damaged and only shifted slightly. The built-in foam padding kept the items in place and safe.

I then took the lockbox with the Ruger to my SUV to see how easy (or difficult) it would be to use the included security cable to attach to the seat mounts. The security cable fits easily into a built-in slot in the face of the lockbox.

Anchoring one loop of the security cable on the appropriate post, then wrapping around the seat mount and back onto the post and locking the box made for a snug and secure installation. Inconspicuous under the seat, but secure.

While I only had the opportunity to try out the Large Portable Safe, Tuffy makes both vehicle-specific, as well as universal equipment security systems for all manner of outdoor gear.

Lockboxes for under seat stowage come in sizes that can accommodate rifles or shotguns, ammo boxes, clothing, fishing gear and more. Perfect for hunters who travel to multiple destinations during multiple seasons to pursue their passions.  

If you want to travel with a stronger sense of security, Tuffy Security Products has the system you need.–Randy Gibbs