PH Spotlight — Karl Goodhand Goodhand Outback Experience

Goodhand operates in the Northern Territory of Australia where he has his own exclusive concessions in Western Arnhem Land and Southwest of Darwin for buffalo. He is one of the only outfitters who actually lives in the territory.

Having multiple hunting concessions enables him to tailor hunts to clients’ wants and capabilities and presents them with opportunities for taking the best animals.  He has developed a keen understanding of animal movements and behaviors in these areas through spending extensive time in their habitats.

The animals Goodhand hunts include southeast Asian swamp buffalo, banteng, rusa deer and wild boar. Water buffalo were introduced to this area in the 1840’s as a food source, and the herd now numbers around 150,000 and clients may see five or six trophy bulls in a single day. A wide range of equipment including ATV’s, UTV’s and boats is maintained for accessing uninhabited country.

When afield, Goodhand’s favorite hunting gun is his Merkel double, a rifle he says has “plenty of horsepower to stop the biggest angriest bulls!” Another hunting rifle choice is a Remington Model 700 XCR chambered for .375 Ultra Magnum that Goodhand says “shoots flatter than the .458 and is excellent on buffalo, banteng and wild boar.” Clients are encouraged to bring their own guns, but excellent firearms can be provided for use on the concessions.

In 2003, Goodhand began a guiding business with a partner. In 2007, they separated, and he formed Goodhand Outback Experience.  Recounting his years of adventures, Karl says “stopping animals with a second barrel right at our feet is exciting! Sometimes, however, sharing stories around the fire in one of the most remote uninhabited areas of the world is especially memorable.”

Goodhand Outback Experience participates in local conservation, education, anti-poaching and health services activities.  Goodhand is a SCI member and donates to local chapters around the world.