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PH Spotlight – Pierre Guerrini Faro-Lobeke Safaris

outfitted for more than 30 years. In 1997, Guerrini partnered with Charlie Goldenberg, an experienced hunter and international booking agent, and owner of Premier Safaris, who introduced Faro West Safaris to the American market. In 2012, Faro West became Faro Loebeke in association with Benjamin deRothchild.

Guerrini hunts two areas. North-Central Cameroon’s Savannah concession where year-round the flowing Faro River cuts through Faro West. Two combined and adjoining concessions are in the Southern Cameroon Rainforest near Lobeke national park. Game hunted in the Savannah includes: Giant Lord Derby eland, western roan, West African savannah buffalo, Central African kob and many other species.

The forest concession offers western bongo, dwarf forest buffalo, forest sitatunga, giant forest hogs and many unique forest duiker species.

When afield Guerrini carries a Weatherby .460 because he says his clients do the shooting and if they need protection the gun is in his hands.

When he founded his operation, Guerrini’s objective was to provide high success rates for trophies combined with luxurious accommodations. He has achieved the goals offering the most organized, productive and comfortable Central African experiences. The permanent camps are air conditioned, the finest French cuisine and beverages are served and new vehicles are air conditioned. He points with pride to his success record – 200 clients took 200 Lord Derby eland and 100 percent on bongo. His motto is promise, produce and improve.

To ensure top trophies, Guerrini adheres to conservation principles. He never exceeds the allocated quota. Substantial financial investments are made in purchasing aircraft, vehicles, all terrain units and related equipment. Full year active anti-poaching patrolling is maintained in all concessions. Sponsorship is provided for local villagers with funds for healthcare, education, food, water and transportation.

Faro West Lobeke’s operation has host-guided many SCI past presidents and award winters, including five Diana Award winners and many serious specie collectors. Guerrini has enjoyed countless experiences when guiding celebrities.

“A few years ago,” recalls Guerrini, “Dick Cabela and I were carefully stalking a huge herd of Lord Derby eland that contained a top trophy bull. To my surprise, there was not just one monster bull, but three over 50 inches. I quickly chose the correct bull and Dick placed the crosshairs on the right bull. At the shot, the nearly one ton eland went down. I’ll never forget the excitement when we read the tape measurements that exceeded 53 inches.

“Another highlight was when Pamela Atwood and I spotted a world class buffalo at just under a hundred yards. Pamela rested her handgun and skillfully pulled the trigger. A huge cloud of dust erupted from the lung/heart area and the massive bull collapsed. As we approached, the giant herd bull gave out his last death bellow. We knew the bull would score in the top ten, but when the last measurement was taken, the cheering began. Pamela had the new number one Central African savannah buffalo taken with a handgun.”

Faro West Lobeke Safaris and Premier Safaris are long tenured SCI Convention exhibitors. Together they have donated many safaris. Guerrini, an SCI life member, became SCI PH of the year in 2012.

In addition to hunting, fishing is offered from the Faro River banks just behind the camp’s back door. Tackle and rods are kept in camp. Game viewing is enjoyed by observers not hunting. In the future, photographic safaris will be hosted.

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