PETA Reaches New Level – Offers Brain Scan To Hunters, Anglers

 PETA seems to have taken a page out of the playbook of P.T. Barnum, specifically his statement, “I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right,” as an expression that there is no such thing as bad press.

Whether it is erecting monuments to lobsters, opining about how the consumption of chicken by pregnant women will result in baby boys with reduced male member size, or engaging in street drama by faking a BBQ of a dog, the zany animal rights group will seemingly go to any length to grab headlines.

This time, PETA is targeting the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for their duck and fish competitions – the “Duck Slam,” “Upland Slam” and “Trout Slam.”

Ducks in water

PETA released a statement attacking competitions, “People who obtain pleasure from killing others are mentally deficient, missing the empathy and mirror neurons in their brain wiring, and PETA is out to prove it: We’re offering $1,000 towards a brain scan for psychopathy in the first hunter to complete one of these odious slaughterfests,” reported Nebraska TV.

PETA went further, and claimed that they oppose speciesism, which they defined as the “human-supremacist worldview maintaining that animals are nothing more than trophies or commodities.

Back to the programs being slammed by PETA. The targeted programs are seasonal competitions encouraging hunters to harvest a variety of animals. For example, Duck Slam hunters need to find an American wigeon, mallard, northern pintail and teal. All harvesting of animals must be done legally with the proper hunting permits and habitat stamps, said the Nebraska TV report.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission released a statement on the competitions:

Hunting and fishing are great ways to spend time in nature with friends and family. These slams offer an extra incentive for increased participation while harvesting healthy meals. When you go hunting or fishing, share your passions and take someone with you.

Curious about the cost of a typical MRI brain scan, Nebraska TV reached out to local hospitals to determine if PETA’s donation would cover the entire cost. They found that a limited MRI at the Kearney Regional Medical Center would cost $3,412 – leaving the hapless hunter who took PETA up on their offer on the hook for almost $2,500.

Such a deal.


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