PETA Hits Big Time As PETA Spy Pen Included In “Everyone Wins”

From vegan red carpet bath bombs (last year’s PETA swag bag contribution) to secret spy pens, PETA has joined the ranks of swag bag product providers.

red carpetA spy pen that would “make any James Bond wannabe green with envy,” the PETA website claims, “These stealthy recording devices fit discreetly into a shirt pocket and enable compassionate crew members, actors, or anyone else on a film or television set to document animal abuse and report it.”

PETA then lauds the use of computer-generated imagery instead of “forcing” real animals to perform “on and off camera,” and comments on whistleblowers claiming animal abuse on movie sets – claims that have been debunked. “Whistleblowers are crucial to exposing cruelty to animals, and we think Hollywood’s A-listers are perfect for the role.”

The super spy pen will join other highly sought-after swag bag products such as the toilet plunger by a company called Mr. Poop and cannabis-infused chocolates, according to a USA Today report.

One keen observer suggested the tables be turned on the notorious animal rights group. Take the spy pen on a visit to one of the PETA-run kill shelters and surreptitiously film PETA staff killing dogs and cats instead of adopting them out. Now that is the stuff of horror movies.

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