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PETA Gives New Meaning To Ugly Sweater

It’s a fact – there are some pretty ugly sweaters out there, and the Christmas contest of wearing the ugliest sweater has become something of a tradition.

Enter PETA – the crazy, “anything for media attention” animal rights group. The same PETA that offered a 2018 Halloween costume of Donald Trump Jr. in bloody camo, a sign that reads “half-cocked” and a plush leopard in a crouching position on the shoulder — a pose described as “letting the leopard win.”

PETA Christmas sweater

Image credit: PETA

It seems that this year they have outdone themselves by offering the “Wool Hurts Ugly Holiday Sweater.”  The limited-edition item says “wool hurts” in all caps above the PETA logo and features a large, 3-D bloodied sheep: Its mangled front torso sticks out from the front of the sweater, its rear from the back, according to a New York Post article.

PETA’s product description says, “PETA’s limited-edition “Wool Hurts” Ugly Holiday Sweater puts the ugliness of the wool industry front and center. Emblazoned with the words “WOOL HURTS” and featuring a 3D bruised and bloodied plush sheep protruding from the front to the back of the sweater, you’re guaranteed a chance to join in on the holiday fun while making a statement for animals.”

Yes folks, for a mere $149.99 you too can own this one-sized fits-all sweater made from 100% oil-based acrylic yarn.



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