People For The Ethical Treatment Of”¦Worms?

Can one die from being constantly outraged? At the very least, the blood pressure levels of the PETA folks have to be through the roof.

If they are not protesting people enjoying a steak, they are manufacturing outrage at stories of sheep being abused because they are sheared for their wool, or the effect eating chicken has on a pregnant woman’s baby.

The latest outrage comes in the form of a tweet expressing outrage that more than 3,000 animals vulnerably wait for their transformation when their lives are suddenly cut short in a violent, painful manner. 

silk wormOf course, the tweet is referring to the silk worm, 3,000 of which are required to make one pound of silk.

The tweet then goes on to declare that silk has been shown to be the second most damaging material to the environment – right behind leather. The obvious question, of course, is what source has determined silk to be so damaging to the environment.

Aside from the silliness of PETA’s latest campaign, the response tweets show that people generally see the outrage for what it is – manufactured.

Most responses were undoubtedly done with eyerolls. One response pretty much summed it up, “Oh please! Nobody gives a crap about worms!”

Some pointed out the harm synthetic materials have on the environment, with one respondent tweeting, “1. Synthetic materials are not an environmentally-friendly alternative to natural materials. 2. Silk can be humanely harvested.”

On the bright side, Easter is right around the corner and PETA will surely have another reason for outrage – children eating chocolate bunnies

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