Outdoor Edge Razor Pro Saw/Knife Combo

While most hunters realize that a knife is an essential edged tool, only a few give the same credence to a bone saw. However, if you deal with big game field dressing, skinning and quartering, then you understand that there are occasions when a carcass must be taken apart piece-by-piece. And this means removing the head and cutting through the spinal column and pelvic bone, all of which call for the use of a saw.           

No doubt, many have seen local grocery store butcher use a bone saw. Resembling a hacksaw, this tool is quite large in size, so much so that obviously this type of tool isn’t something you would consider carrying in the field. Of course, you could utilize an axe or a hatchet, but considering the safety concerns the saw is a better choice. 

The folks from Outdoor Edge have solved the problem of having a bone saw in the field with their new Razor Pro Saw Combo. This pair of edged tools combines a replaceable blade knife with a lightweight folding lock-blade bone saw. Now, big game hunters can have the best of both worlds, with an always-sharp blade and an efficient saw to deal with the tough cutting assignments.

The knife is a folder, with a locking replaceable blade holder. When locked in place, the overall blade is 3-1/2-inches in length. Both the replaceable blade and the blade holder are crafted from 420J2 stainless steel. Furthermore, the blade holder has a black oxide coating for rust protection.

Outdoor Edge saw and knive combo
The Outdoor Edge RazorPro knife/saw combination is the ultimate big game hunter’s game care edged tool set. Image: Durwood Hollis

The knife user has the option of either restoring the edge of a used blade by sharpening, or simply replacing the blade. The replacement process is easy and consists of pressing the blade lock button located on the knife handle (near the main pin axis), grab the old blade at the tip, remove and safely discard. It’s as simple as that! By replacing the old, used blade with a fresh new one, the knife user can get back to cutting in a matter of seconds.

It should be noted that the blade holder must be cleaned after every use. A toothbrush is the ideal tool for scrubbing-out the blade insertion slot. After cleaning, let the knife air dry completely (a hair dryer can speed the process) with the replaceable blade removed. Afterward, insert a new blade and the knife is ready to put into use again. Even though cleaning the blade holder takes a little time, nevertheless, the whole replaceable blade concept saves time overall by eliminating the need for repetitive sharpening. Replacement blades are affordable and readily available in 6-packs at any knife dealer that carries Outdoor Edge products.

 In addition to the main blade, there is a folding, companion European-style gutting blade contained in the handle. Unlike typical gut-hooks, ground into the back of a blade near the tip which often have difficulties dealing with both thick hide and dense fur, this type of gutting blade works every time regardless of the animal you’re working on. And just like a built-in zipper, the gutting blade opens the hide without compromising underlying viscera.    

The saw itself features a 4.4-inch, triple-ground blade crafted from chrome-coated manganese steel, with a 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum handle covered with a non-slip, rubberized coating for user comfort. This is a slim, lightweight saw that fits neatly almost anywhere and can be used for both bone and wood. When you want to open an animal’s chest cavity, cut through the pelvic bone or remove feet and legs nothing does job faster and safer than this useful bone saw.

Both the knife and the saw handles feature a rugged synthetic coating that’s unaffected by weather and can withstand years of tough usage. The ergonomic handle is designed to fit the grip pocket of the hand comfortably and the bright orange color prevents accidentally leaving the knife or lightweight saw behind.

Field care of big game is a necessary assignment that can include basic evisceration, skinning and in-the-field butchery. Taking apart a game carcass can be challenging, but this knife/saw combination makes a quick and simple job of the entire process. In my own opinion, these edged tools are absolutely essential, no matter what the game¾from deer to elk and beyond.–Durwood Hollis

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