Hunting in North America is both rewarding and exciting. It can be even more rewarding for hunters who learn to take advantage of everything the continent has to offer. Following is information that can help enhance any North American hunt.

For information about hunting for virtually all game species in about any place imaginable, check the websites of outfitters and outfitter organizations. They pull information together for their members and clients – information that is available online, as well as contact information for further details.

Stretching from the arctic reaches of northern Canada to the jungles of Panama, the North American continent offers a lifetime’s worth of hunting experiences. More than 60 game species, subspecies and varieties of big game animals are found throughout the continent, plus about 100 species of game birds. A hunter will find everything here from large predators and ungulates in the northern tundra to amphibious reptiles in the southern wetlands.

Adding to the variety in species, North America features such a breadth of typography that a sportsman could never get bored hunting this land. There are hunting opportunities in rainforests and deserts, on rugged mountains and wide-open plains, on agricultural lands near small towns, and in absolute wilderness areas where a horse or a plane are the only way in and out. No matter what experience a hunter may seek, North America can provide it.

But with so many opportunities, how does a hunter narrow the choices? How can a hunter prepare?

This section of the Hunter Information Service is designed to help with that. Following are some resources that will make it easier to research species and destinations within North America and prepare for the various opportunities. Where possible, we also provide links to other sources that can help (such as state conservation departments and outfitter associations).

The North American Conservation Model depends on hunters to fund and support the conservation of habitat and wildlife for everyone to enjoy. Get out to the woods today!

Hunting Associations

Hunting Associations are membership organizations for professional hunters, guides and hunting operators. These organizations support the hunting industry in their regions of focus and usually represent their members when dealing with local conservation departments and government. They are often a good place to start researching a hunt and an operator. Hunting associations typically have a code of professional ethics by which their members must conduct themselves, so verifying an operator’s membership is one way to vet whether an operator is a legal and recognized outfitter.

SCI works with hunting associations around the world to represent the interests of hunters and the hunting industry. We also work together on important conservation management initiatives. Below is a list of associations SCI works with. We will be adding more associations from other parts of the world where we are working for hunters and sustainable use conservation.

Conservation Departments

Whether its licensing information, season dates or area specific news and wildlife reports, you can access the information directly from the conservation departments listed below. Just click on the links to visit each site.

Airline Firearms Carriage Policies

Every airline has a different policy regarding the carriage of firearms in checked baggage. Some allow multiple firearms in a gun case and others do not. Some require advance notice, including specific information about your firearm, others simply will accept the firearm upon check-in. Some charge a handling fee for firearms, others include it in your free baggage allowance.

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