No Sector Of America Is Safe From PETA – Even The Supreme Court

Just when all possible crazy hijinks have been tried by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, it comes up with another loony idea.

This time PETA has hijacked the politically incendiary issue of pro-life and twisted it to mean pro-vegan.

In a letter to the newly-minted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, PETA commented on the requirement that he serve on the court’s Cafeteria Committee. (Who knew?)

In an obvious reference to one of the hot-button issues of the day, the PETA website boldly headlines: “WILL JUSTICE KAVANAUGH MAKE SCOTUS CAFETERIA PRO-LIFE?

PETA founder and president Ingrid Newkirk urged the Justice to overhaul the menu with vegan meals “that no animal had to suffer and die for and that also cut human premature mortality rates.” Newkirk offered to send the justices copies of its free vegan starter kit.

In the open letter to Justice Kavanaugh, Newkirk admitted: “This may not strike you as the most important decision that you could make, but it would have a positive impact on both animals and human health.

“You could make a sound judgement (sic) on the merits of pro-life eating by offering predominately vegan food selections on the cafeteria menu – and perhaps even come up with an added incentive for justices to choose plant-based options that’s within your jurisdiction,” Newkirk continued.

The letter went on to describe the merits of a vegan diet and included a comment about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s work- out regimen.

Newkirk ended with the enticement of so many vegan foods to choose from – including many brands of vegan beer. She expressed concern for the longevity of the justices and wrote: “[W]e would gladly send free copies of our vegan starter kits to help lengthen the terms of your fellow justices as well as the lives of animals, court staff and the public.”

Sarcasm? Probably.

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