No Hotdogs for You! Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon?

In the ever-amazing world of the animal rights crowd, veganism is taking over one community in Toronto, Canada. So much so that the moniker “Vegandale” is used to describe the area.

“In 2016, 5700 Inc. opened its first vegan restaurant, Doomie’s. Since then, the company has aggressively expanded, opening an additional vegan restaurant, a vegan ice cream parlour, a vegan bakery, a vegan retail store and a vegan brewery — all within the same block. Up next is a vegan pie shop. The company dubbed the area ‘Vegandale’,” reports The National Post.

Not satisfied with providing a service to the community, the shops are now omnivore-shaming the residents of the Parkdale neighborhood by posting advertising signs saying, “morality on tap,” “morally superior IPA,” and one announcing their remodeling project: “Sometimes you have to remodel your space in order to remodel society.”

hot dogParkdale residents are not taking the insults lying down. At a recent public forum, hundreds of community citizens gathered to insist the shops remove all references to “Vegandale” and get rid of their “morally superior” advertising.

The community’s omnivores are finding support in an unexpected quarter – vegans.

 “As a person who is vegan and has chosen to have a plant-based lifestyle for the past 18 years, I don’t find myself reflected in an abrasive morally superior Vegandale,” said Stacey Norton in The National Post report. Norton has lived in the Parkdale area for 11 years.

Norton calls the marketing decisions “repulsive” and the moniker Vegandale was foisted on people. She observed the “morality superior” advertisements and slogans aren’t helping create a dialog with non-vegans and reinforce stereotypes about vegans being aggressively self-righteous.

5700 Inc. owner Hellenic Vincent de Paul describes himself as a vegan extremist. Not surprisingly, he has not been persuaded by the demands of the community and blames the backlash on the fact that “vegan” is a trigger word.

The self-righteous reputation of Vegandale extends beyond the community’s borders.

“Giselle Correia was excited to hear about a vegan brewery opening in Toronto until she realized it was part of what she describes as the ‘obnoxious’ Vegandale brand. Correia is not a resident of Parkdale but a frequent visitor to the neighbourhood.

“Arguing that ‘saviourism and moral superiority’ need to come to an end in the vegan community, Correia supports the residents of Parkdale and their list of demands,” reported The National Post.



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