Jul 3, 2012

Hunting Non-Native Species

By Craig Boddington Some hunters strictly avoid nonnative, introduced big-game species. I respect this ethic, and trust that those same hunters also eschew ring-necked pheasants, chukars and Hungarian partridges here in North America. Let’s face it: The hand of man has left fingerprints all over the globe, and sometimes it’s very difficult to determine exactly

Jul 3, 2012

Browning Shooting Bags

Browning has introduced a line of MOA shooting bags configured to suit a variety of range and field shooting conditions. The line includes a two-piece set, a utility shooting rest, and a window mount rest. The two-piece set is what you traditionally find on a shooting bench. They're designed to securely cradle the fore-end and

Jul 3, 2012

McMillan Adds Caping Knife

McMillan is best known for its lines of ultra-accurate high-end hunting and tactical rifles, but it also offers custom hunting knives. Recently, McMillan added to that line a small caping knife that's specifically designed for the fine, detailed cutting necessary when removing a hide that's going to be mounted. When caping an animal, you don't

Jul 3, 2012

In Praise Of Rook Rifles

Alas, the coming of the .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge killed off the old rook calibers, and many of these vintage rifles were rebarreled and reworked into .22s. The advent of restrictive firearm legislation in Britain caused many to be destroyed, while others were exported to Australia, Canada, and South Africa. Historian Donald Dallas estimates

Jul 3, 2012

Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument Opposed

a Game and Fish Commission recently voted to oppose efforts to create a 1.7 million acre Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument in northern Arizona proposed by the Grand Canyon Wildlands Council, Center for Biological Diversity, and the Wilderness Society. The commission opposed the measure for several reasons. For one thing, the land is already mostly

Jun 1, 2011

Friedkin Conservation Fund Microlight Project

The Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF), a Tanzanian based nonprofit and US registered 501(c)3, has apprehended over 13,000 poachers since they began their crucial work in 2002. Credited to gaining on the ground experience, increased financial support, and professionally trained and equipped private anti-poaching rangers has created incredible results; between 2005-2010 there were 11,857 arrests made,