Mar 4, 2016

Commission, U.S. Sens. Mccain, Flake: Grand Canyon Bison Management Plan Should Include State’s Hunters

The National Park Service released a plan in February that calls for managing overpopulated bison herds within the Grand Canyon National Park through capture/removal, the use of sharpshooters and localized fencing around sensitive park resources.

Feb 10, 2016

PH Spotlight Johnny Vivier

Johnny Vivier grew up in the bush with the safari way of life, as his father, Chris, was a PH who worked for Selby Safaris. As a young apprentice PH, he guided his first client in Zimbabwe in 1978 on plains game, which was the beginning of his 37-year career. Johnny has hunted all of

Feb 3, 2016

The Making Of Rigby’s Best

best .275 bolt rifle ever made.” When the hammer falls Saturday night, the winning bidder of the World Heritage Rifle celebrating hunting in Asia will own that gun; one meticulously patterned after Jim Corbett‚Äôs original .275 Rigby rifle famous for its role in ending the carnage cause by some of the most infamous maneaters ever

Jan 27, 2016

SCI Tennessee Valley Chapter Announces Fundraising Gala

The SCI Tennessee Valley Chapter has set the date for their annual fundraising gala. On Saturday, March 12 attendees will be treated to a variety of activities and auctions topped off with author and

Jan 25, 2016

Dangerous Game Safari In Zimbabwe

My friend Sam Perone had been asking me for a few years to do a dangerous game hunt in Africa with him and in 2012 everything came together when I contacted my friend

Jan 21, 2016

New Chapter Hosts Successful Veteran’s Hunt

The first Tuesday in December saw rain like no one could imagine with lots of flooding everywhere. The first Tuesday was also the first day in the woods for the Music City SCI’s “Jim

Dec 28, 2015

How The New U.S. Rules Will Affect Lion Trophy Importation Into The U.S

Special U.S. import required. Lions from southern and eastern African countries are considered “threatened with extinction.” You cannot import a trophy into the U.S. without first getting a U.S. import permit, in addition to a CITES export permit. According to the rule, as of 2013 legal trophy hunting occurred in five southern and eastern African

Dec 17, 2015

GOABC Commits $250,000 To Wildlife Stewardship Partner Program

The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia has announced a five-year, $250,000 commitment to a new provincial Wildlife Stewardship Partner Program,

Nov 18, 2015

Alabama SCI Connects With Community

Sensory Safari trailer to the Anniston Museum of Natural History. Five of Alabama’s members manned the trailer and answered questions about the animals and the organization.