New Hampshire Unit L and M Antlerless Deer Permits Available in Mid-July

deer-hunt-07Hunters who want the chance to take additional antlerless deer in Wildlife Management Units L and M in southeastern New Hampshire during the fall hunting seasons will soon be able to buy special permits. Hunters should note that there will be several changes in the sale of these permits this year.

Unit L Permits:
Up to 750 hunters will be allowed to purchase Special Antlerless Deer Permits for Unit L this year.  This is an increase from 500 permits last year.  These permits will all come with 1 deer tag at a cost of $26.  New this year, Unit L permits will be sold online ONLY.  Sales will begin on July 12 at 6:00 p.m. Note that if you start your online purchase session before 6:00 p.m. on that date, the Unit L permit may not show up in the list of licenses available, and you will need to start over.  These permits are expected to sell out extremely quickly, so make sure to have information such as your current New Hampshire hunting or archery license number (required for purchase), driver’s license and credit card ready.
Interested hunters may purchase Unit L permits at 6:00 p.m. on July 12, 2016:
Unit M Permits:  
Again this year, a total of up to 4,000 hunters will be allowed to purchase Special Antlerless Deer Permits for Unit M.  All Unit M permits cost $36 and come with 2 deer tags. Sales for Unit M permits will begin on July 14. Unit M permits may be purchased either online or at Fish and Game headquarters in Concord.
Interested hunters can purchase Unit M permits:
About the Permits
Hunters can purchase either an L or M permit or both.  Both permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.  Applicants also must hold a current New Hampshire hunting or archery license.
Archery, muzzleloader and firearms hunters may use these special permits on any day during those seasons for which they are legally licensed.  Youth hunters are eligible to buy both Unit L and/or M permits.
Special Unit M permits have been issued in New Hampshire since 1997.  This will be the third year Special Unit L permits have been made available. These permits reflect a long-term objective, outlined in the state’s Game Management Plan, to reduce deer numbers in southeastern New Hampshire in order to sustain regional herd health and to minimize deer-human conflicts, such as vehicle collisions and destructive browsing of agricultural and ornamental plants.  High human densities and associated levels of development in southeastern New Hampshire result in greater potential for deer-human conflicts and complicate deer population control efforts.
Specific boundaries for Units L and M, and more information on the special permits, can be found at:
For more information on hunting deer in New Hampshire, visit
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