Nashville Is Sables Country

By VICKI SWAN, Sables President

Raising funds for SCIF Education Programs is a tough job and one that the Sables take very seriously. It takes dedication, coordination and commitment by many volunteers, supporters and financial contributors to get the job done. As you probably already know, the SCI 2023 Convention will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, and though we just returned from the 2022 SCI Convention, the Sables Convention Committee is already hard at work planning the SCI 2023 Sables Luncheon — Nashville is Sables Country.

For many years now the SCI Convention has either been in Reno or Las Vegas. While both venues have been good to us, Sables are excited for the change in scenery and the opportunity to be at a new venue. Having the SCI Convention in the Southeastern part of the United States will allow SCI to be a part of a larger hunting community, and we are hopeful we will, in turn, raise even more funds for SCIF Education Programs. 

Taking full advantage of Nashville and all its traditions, Sables Luncheon attendees will feel welcomed with Southern hospitality and will be immersed in the Nashville culture, making the luncheon feel like an all-new experience. Making it even more exciting, the 2023 SCI Convention theme is going to be based around women in hunting. What better opportunity is there going to be at the SCI Convention than the Sables Luncheon, where women in hunting have already been gathering and sharing their stories for years? 

We hope you are looking forward to the 2023 Nashville SCI Convention just as much as we are, and we hope your plans include attending the Sables Luncheon on February 24, 2023. At the 2023 SCI Convention, Nashville Is Sables Country and the Sables Luncheon is going to be the place to be! Stayed tuned for the exciting plans we have for Nashville 2023.

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