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Meet The Officers and Directors of the Sables Governing Board

By Vicki Swan, SCIF Sables President

As we start a new fiscal year and  new chapter in our history, I am deeply honored to serve my second term as the 19th Sables President. I am looking forward to working alongside the dedicated volunteers who commit their time to further the Sables Mission. I take this time to feature our officers and directors who started their new leadership positions on July 1.

Susan Hayes, 

Sables Vice President 

As President of the Windsor Companies, Susan actively manages all business activities of the consolidated companies. In addition to her business activities, Susan is an avid hunter, fisherwoman and hiking enthusiast. Susan recently completed her five-year tenure as a Trustee of the Foundation Board of the National Rifle Association and was also on the Executive Committee of the Women’s Leadership Forum of the NRA for seven years. Susan is a Life member of Safari Club International and Sables. She has served on the Sables Dream Hunt Committee, was a Sables District Elector and was elected as a Sables Director this past fiscal year. She was the Sables Convention Chair for fiscal year 22 (and responsible for the fabulous disco-themed Sables luncheon in Las Vegas) and is the Sables Convention Co-chair for fiscal year 23. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for Nashville!

Gary A. Gearhart,

Sables Treasurer 

Gary A. Gearhart is an active hunter and fisherman throughout North America. In 1989 he retired from the Army after serving 26 years. He has worked as an adjunct professor for five years at the University of Nevada, Reno and was also a private pilot and licensed charterboat captain. He is a Life member of SCI, Sables, Alaska SCI Chapter, Alaska Kenai Peninsula Chapter and the Hawaii Chapter. He has served as Sables Director, Chair of the Veterans Committee and Co-chair of the Sportsmen Against Hunger Committee. He was also an instructor at AWLS for many years.

Sarah Jackson,

Sables Director 

Sarah Jackson grew up around hunting in Tennessee. Her grandfather was a commercial fisherman, and she would sometimes get to go out on a boat with him. When she was 18, her dad took her on her first dove hunt, and she was hooked after that! She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master’s degree in Architecture. She has been working as a designer at an electrical engineering firm in Nashville for 10 years. She served as banquet chair for the area Ducks Unlimited and is a founding member of the Music City Chapter. She served on the Convention Committee for fiscal year 22 and is the Sables Convention Committee Co-chair this year.

Mary Predovich,

Sables Director 

Mary Predovich has been a hunter since 1996, when she went on her first big game hunt in search of an aoudad ram in the Texas Hill Country. She shared her first big game hunt with her husband and son. She is a true believer in family involvement in hunting activities and has committed herself to involving men, women and children in the outdoors through Sables, SCI and in instructional shooting classes. Mary is a Life member of SCI, Sables and the Denver Sables Chapter. Her Denver Sables are one of the most active committees in the country and she has been active in signing up many new Sables members at the chapter level. She has served on many committees throughout her history with Sables, including the Governance Committee, Convention Committee, Membership Committee and AWLS Committee.

Siri Campbell Fossel,

Sables Director 

Siri Campbell Fossel lived 20 years in Monaco before developing a passion for hunting. She is an SCI and Sables Life member. She is currently a member of the Four Corners Chapter in Durango, Colorado and previously belonged to the Bozeman, Montana Chapter. She served on the AWLS Committee for FY 22 and is Co-chair this year and will also be on the Sables Convention Committee. 

I appreciate all of the support of Sables and SCI members and look forward to working with our new Sables leadership. Everyone has fresh ideas and new things they want to accomplish. It is great to have such enthusiastic officers and directors who are passionate to serve and promote our conservation education and hunting heritage.

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