Let’s Talk Hunting with David Wells

Spring training baseball is heating up, and that usually means the spring turkey gobbles start getting louder and louder. Baseball and hunting – does it get any more American than that?

During his 21 year Major League Baseball career, David Wells struck out more than 2,000 batters, played in three MLB All-Star Games, won two World Series Championships, and threw the 15th perfect game in professional baseball history. Wells is used to the spotlight and the negative attention that comes with being a high-profile hunter, but he’s not shy about advocating for the freedom to hunt because he knows SCI has his back when it comes to defending that freedom.

So tighten up your batting gloves, dig into the box, and get ready for the fastball as we talk hunting with David Wells, and be sure to check out Fox Nation Outdoors – a Dorsey Pictures produced series now airing on the FOX Nation streaming channel – to see David’s Colorado mule deer hunt along with host Johnny Joey Jones