Legislation to Expand Sunday Hunting Easily Passes Senate Game and Fisheries Committee

Today, during a live hearing of the Pennsylvania Senate Game and Fisheries Committee, Senate Bill 607, legislation to fully repeal the remaining prohibitions on Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania, passed out of committee 7 to 4. 

Introduced by Senator Dan Laughlin, 2019 SCI State Legislator of the Year recipient, Senate Bill 607 will give the Pennsylvania Game Commission the discretion to “institute Sunday hunting by regulation promulgated in accordance with section 2102” under the Pennsylvania Code. The legislation will also make it “lawful for a person to hunt for any furbearer or game on Sunday”.

Sunday hunting is key to providing more people, especially youth, with more opportunities to engage in the sport, which ultimately leads to more hunters in the years to come. Maintaining America’s large number of hunters is crucial to maintaining the revenues necessary to sustain crucial wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation programs. Anti-hunting groups support Sunday hunting bans as part of their general opposition to hunting.

After the first successful season of Sunday hunting with no hunting accidents and an increase of over 25,000 licenses sold, Senate Bill 607 will help build on the rich history of hunting in Pennsylvania by providing even more opportunities for sportsmen and women to take to the woods.

Safari Club International has been heavily involved in efforts around the country to repeal antiquated blue laws prohibiting hunting on Sundays and will continue to be involved in Pennsylvania as the legislation moves forward.

Click HERE to contact your Pennsylvania Senators TODAY and urge them to support expanding Sunday hunting even more!

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