Kamala Harris Calls For Government Regulations On Meat Eating

In the continued march toward Orwellian dystopia, California Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris agreed with a questioner who argued Americans should be eating less meat and that the government should force them into other dietary habits, according to an article in

The alarming statement was made during a CNN town hall special about climate change. Harris said Americans “need to be educated about the effect of our eating habits on our environment,” and that she would change the dietary guidelines to reduce the amount of red meat you can eat.

This begs the question – is she planning on changing the guidelines, which are generally just suggestions. Or, will her misguided social reconfiguring be mandatory as she suggests? Perhaps an Executive Order requiring American citizens to only eat red meat on the first Tuesday of every month starting with the letter P.

Of course, as with most dystopian scenarios, the rules won’t apply to the rulers. Harris’ statements came less than a month after her appearance at the Iowa State Fair – proudly chowing down on a pork chop. In fact, she was so happy with culinary selection that she tweeted about it

Harris is not alone in her march toward social engineering. An August, 2019 report in Time magazine makes the following claims regarding the consumption of meat:

“scientists say a shift away from eating meat toward plant-based diets could yield big dividends in the fight against climate change. Reduced meat consumption means lower emissions from livestock and the fertilizer needed to sustain them but also provides an opportunity to reforest land that farmers would have otherwise used for grazing. Rethinking the human diet across the globe could drive emissions reductions of up to 8 gigatonnes annually, according to the report, greater than an entire year of emissions in the U.S.

But, while these changes are technically feasible, there are a number of barriers to adoption. To achieve the greatest emissions reductions by shifting diets would require most of the world to go vegan, for instance, requiring a fight against entrenched agricultural interests and cultural preferences.”

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