Junior Jack Kamp

Junior-Jack-Kamp-WelcomeArizona Chapter teams up with AZ Game & Fish to introduce young hunters to the “littlest big game” in Arizona.

This past March, the Arizona Chapter hosted the seventh annual Junior Jack Kamp near Three Points, Arizona. Each year, recent hunter education graduate youth hunters participate in the camp where they learn about jackrabbit biology and basic hunting skills including spotting and stalking game, skinning and cooking jackrabbit meat.

The Chapter became involved when it was looking for another youth project in addition to its annual youth deer camp and response from young hunters has been great. “We had to cap the number of participants at 33,” says Bobby Boido, Executive Director of the Chapter when sharing the success of the camp.

As the main sponsor, the Chapter provides all on-site meals, camp equipment and porta-potties to the youth, parents and volunteers. Chapter members familiar with hunting jackrabbits as well as local game wardens and biologists serve as mentors and guides and ensure the youth have a safe, fun time and leave with skills they can use on future hunts.“

Jack-Kamp-successMy mom is just getting back into hunting,” said David M. who was participating in the camp for his second year, “so I took her jackrabbit hunting last year to help her get ready for her javelina hunt.”

“That’s what this is about,” explains Karen Klima, Wildlife Manager for the camp’s game unit. “We want the kids to take the skills they learn here and go hunting.”

(Editor’s note: Hunters in general and SCI in particular are instrumental in passing the hunting and conservation traditions on to future generations. Get involved with the youth programs in your area and encourage your chapter to do the same.)

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