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Judge Denies Intervention in Challenge to Hunting on National Wildlife Refuges

Last week, a federal judge in Montana denied a motion to intervene filed by SCI, NRA, Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  SCI and its partners seek to defend the 2020 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regulation that expanded hunting and fishing opportunities on almost 100 National Wildlife Refuges around the United States.  Plaintiff Center for Biological Diversity has challenged that rule, arguing that increased use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle and increased hunter presence threatens Endangered Species Act listed species like jaguar, whooping crane, and grizzly bear.  SCI and its partners filed a motion to dismiss along with their motion to intervene and pointed out significant weaknesses in the Center’s claims.

Needless to say, SCI disagrees with the Court’s ruling.  The hunting organizations plan to quickly appeal the decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and expect a favorable ruling reversing the district court’s conclusions.

Meanwhile, CBD and the Fish and Wildlife Service asked the Court to stay the case while they discussed settlement possibilities.  SCI and 41 other conservation organizations sent a letter to the Director of the Service opposing any settlement which reduces hunting opportunities on refuges.

To support SCI in these efforts, sign our No-Net-Loss petition today! 

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