J. Thomas Saldias Appointed Chief Counsel New Firearms Policy In Peru

peru-flagJuly elections in Peru in July resulted in a new government that wants to reverse the gun policy of the country. One of its first measures in this area was to renew the body of the state in charge of it, Superintendencia Nacional de Control de Servicios de Seguridad, Armas, Municiones y Explosivos de Uso Civil (SUCAMEC) the equivalent of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives in the US. All former staff of SUCAMEC were relieved from the institution and replaced by a new team that will improve legislation in favor of legitimate firearms users. One of the most important improvements was to include a civil adviser to the head of SUCAMEC who will take care of the interests of hunters, sport shooters, armories and legislation regarding self-defense. The person designed for this duty is J. Thomas Saldias, the SCI representative for Latin America and Vice-President of SCI Central Peru Chapter. J. Thomas Saldias began working to improve Peruvian legislation of firearms five years ago. His hard work reorganizing the pro-firearms movement, working with government, political parties and his appearance in media allowed this big change.

international-news-saldias-j-100316This historical change is a milestone for all Latin American pro-gun organizations and shows that it is possible to reverse liberal politics. The Peruvian Firearms Association (APPLAF) and its president, Igor Grimaldo, made an important bet some years ago and the results show their success. Different organizations from Latin America and Europe are working closely with Saldias, SCI and APPLAF to share their strategies and export this successful model. An example of this worldwide collaboration includes an encounter with European pro-gun associations joined in Firearms United during the IWA international trade show in Nuremberg last March. Saldias assumed his office on August 11 and is working with his team creating new legislation for Peru.

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