Israeli PM Appoints Radical Animal Rights Activist

Claiming that the issue of animal rights has become very important to him, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed activist Tal Gilboa to advise him on the subject, according to an article in VegNews. 

Pegged as a “vegan activist,” Gilboa is much more than that. She is the founder of the Israeli Animal Liberation Front, now known as Total Liberation.

Israeli flag

Taking a page out of the book of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals tactics, Gilboa has organized animal rights protests, including one in which the participants protested the horror of the animal holocaust by tattooing the number 269 – a number that is branded into calves – onto their arms. This protest occurred on the heels of another protest where members of the group branded themselves with a white-hot iron to commemorate World Farm Animals Day.

Gilboa is not the only animal rights activist with a say in the upper echelon of the Israeli government, said the VegNews article. Politician Miki Haimovich “requested that her leather seat in the plenum of Israeli’s [sic] national legislature be replaced with one made with animal-free materials because it represented the unnecessary suffering of animals for leather products.”






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