In The White North, Canada’s Chapters Are Doing Great

Canada meeting was held July 17 & 18 during a mild summer weekend in Windsor, Canada's southernmost city. John-Mark Jurak, the Club's Region 35 Chapter Representative, and his charming wife Chastity were the meeting's hosts and warmly welcomed the group Thursday night with famous Canadian hospitality and a fun Fish Fry in their impressive trophy room near the banks of the Detroit River that runs through the middle of two sister cities, Canada's – Windsor and Michigan's – “Motor City.”

Dwight James, Chair of the SCI All Canada Committee, reported that SCI Canada enjoys a healthy growing membership of currently 2,830 hunters, and fully 1,573 of these belong to one of 16 Canadian Chapters. Other than the USA, Canada has the largest concentration of Club membership of any one country.

Being responsible for over five percent of SCI's global membership, Manager of Canada Operations, Jason St. Michael, is excited about SCI's growing influence in Canada and the enthusiasm and dedication members demonstrate there.

St. Michael explained, “We're successful here in Canada because the groups of volunteers that operate our Chapters are very hard working and devoted to wildlife conservation – and care about protecting the nation's natural resources. From coast to coast hunting in Canada is easily accessible all over this land, and enjoying the outdoors, shooting and hunting is an important part of our Canadian heritage and pastimes.”

Larry Higgins, 36th Safari Club International President, who addressed the gathering, commented, “I continue to remain impressed with the solid working relationships all the Canadian Chapters have with one another. They are organized and work extremely well together, supporting the missions and long term goals of SCI.”

Two years ago members established Safari Club International Foundation – Canada, a recognized entity operating under the Provincial and Federal laws of the Country to carry out the charitable missions of SCI's Canadian members.

The Foundation's Chair, Len Dickinson, remarked: “We're busy creating a donor base and an endowment for SCI Foundation – Canada, to begin long-range fundraising efforts to support and effectively impact a wide variety of Canadian conservation, educational and humanitarian projects.”

Having had success this year with Fundraisers, Ken Weber of the Saskatchewan Rivers Chapter presented SCI with an impressive check for $33,616, representing the Chapter's contribution to the International organization. Right with him, the NE Ontario Chapter represented by Mal Brandow. stepped forward and donated another $5,543 from that Chapter's dedicated volunteer efforts.

The All Canada meeting will be held next year on June 5 & 6 at SCI's American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) at the Granite Ranch in Wyoming, in conjunction with the Club's Chapter Training Program.

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