Idaho Temporarily Suspends Some Nonresident Hunting Permit/Tag Sales

Idaho Temporarily Suspends Some Nonresident Hunting Permit/Tag Sales


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The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) has suspended the sale of nonresident hunting permits for black bear, turkey, mountain lion and gray wolf, as well as numerous other hunting-related and fishing activities. Nonresident hunting licenses, along with currently available nonresident deer and elk tags, are not included in the suspension. Nonresidents who purchased a 2020 hunting license may still apply for controlled hunts taking place this fall. The suspension went into effect Saturday, April 4, 2020 and was implemented to support Governor Brad Little’s self-isolate orders in response to COVID-19 ( It will remain in effect until relevant public health orders in Idaho change.

Licenses, tags and permits purchased by nonresidents before April 4 are still valid for existing hunting, fishing and trapping seasons. No seasons have been changed due to COVID-19. Also, nonresidents who entered into a signed agreement with a licensed outfitter before the effective date and time of the temporary rule are excluded from the suspension. Outfitting and guiding is allowed with adherence to the outdoor recreation guidelines. The Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association advises nonresidents who booked hunts prior to April 4 to contact their operator and arrange the purchase of required licenses by phone with their regional IDFG office.

Because hunting and fishing in Idaho requires some travel, the Governor’s Office has provided the following guidelines for all recreationists:

-Maintain safe social distancing of at least six feet from others.

-Minimize your travel distance from your home and spread out. If a trailhead or other access site is congested, consider finding another one, or go during off-peak hours.

-Check before you go. Many campgrounds and trails may be closed.

-Bring all supplies you will need from home to avoid putting unnecessary strain on local grocery stores or convenient stores that serve the local population. Make sure you pack out all your trash and leave your space clean.


The complete list of nonresident licenses and permits suspended from sale are:

-Nonresident annual and three-year combination, fishing, and trapping licenses.

-Nonresident Hunting Passports.

-Nonresident junior annual and three-year fishing licenses.

-Nonresident annual and three-day small game hunting licenses.

-Nonresident daily (including consecutive day) fishing licenses.

-Nonresident three-day fishing licenses with salmon/steelhead permits.

-Nonresident nongame hunting licenses.

-Nonresident game tags for black bear, turkey, mountain lion, and gray wolf, including nonresident junior mentored and nonresident disabled American veteran tags for these species.

-Nonresident permits for black bear baiting, hound hunter, salmon, and steelhead.

-Nonresident falconry meet permits.

-Nonresident sport dog and falconry training permits.

-Nonresident fishing tournament permits (suspension of sales of resident and nonresident tournament permits was implemented by Order 20-30).

-Nonresident dog field trial permits


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