Hunting For The Truth In Media Coverage Of Donald Trump Jr.

Last month ProPublica ran a “news” story attempting to disparage Donald Trump Jr. The story, filled with half-truths and non-truths, claimed that President Trump’s son had engaged in an illegal sheep hunt in Mongolia.

Donald Trump Jr.

In response to ProPublica’s blatant ‘fake news’, Safari Club International CEO, W. Laird Hamberlin penned an article that was printed in the Daily Caller, a Washington D.C. based news and opinion website.

In correcting the inaccuracies of ProPublica’s report, Hamberlin said:

ProPublica, the organization that originally broke the news, riddled their story with half-truths and blatantly untrue statements that serve only to vilify an innocent Donald Trump Jr. and diminish the scientifically proven benefits hunters like him bring to animal conservation. Mongolian officials themselves even confirmed in their statement that news coverage of this non-issue has been “factually inaccurate” and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has found no cause to investigate the hunting trip.  The drama surrounding these false allegations ultimately stems from the inability or the unwillingness of those on the left to understand the complexities of the hunting permit issuance processes across different countries and it is the duty of wildlife advocates to correct the public record.”

Click on Daily Caller to read the entire article.



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