Hunters are Conservationists: SCI Supports the U.S. Foundation for International Conservation Act (USFICA)

International hunting helps sustain the world’s largest populations of elephant, lions, leopards, rhinos, and many other species.  International hunting boosts local economies and rural community livelihoods.  It helps fund successful wildlife management programs.  And it enhances long-term conservation. USFICA will further enhance global conservation efforts by leveraging public-private partnerships, empowering local communities, expanding habitat buffer zones, and promoting sustainable use of natural resources. SCI supports this bill as critical to safeguarding biodiversity and promoting hunter-led conservation around the world.

  • The bill’s 1:1 public-private funding formula will advance efficient and dynamic conservation projects beyond federal bureaucracy while boosting current government and NGO efforts.
  • The bill appropriately recognizes that tailoring conservation to local needs leads to security and sustainable development.
  • The bill’s funding can be used for developing buffer zones around protected areas, such as national parks, which helps to reduce human-wildlife conflict.
  • The bill acknowledges that local communities and governments, particularly in southern Africa, have a right to manage their wildlife and benefit from their natural resources; hunters’ support is critical to these wildlife economies.

SCI EVP of International Government and Public Affairs Ben Cassidy said, “SCI’s support for USFICA shows what hunters know to be true: around the world, we lead in promoting wildlife conservation, protecting habitat, and supporting local communities. SCI joins other top conservation organizations in urging Congress to pass this bill. We thank conservation leaders in the House and Senate for championing this initiative.”

House and Senate bill texts can be found here and here.