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Oppose the CECIL Act and Anti-Hunting Appropriations Language

The “Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large Animal Trophies Act” or "CECIL" Act PASSED out of the House Committee on Natural Resources on Wednesday, September 18th, and now awaits a vote on the House Floor.

This bill will derail clearly proven wildlife management strategies in Africa that are recovering the world’s largest populations of lions, elephants, and other species. If implemented, H.R. 2245 would undermine the authority and the on-going wildlife management plans of several African nations. H.R. 2245 is an ill-conceived attempt to substitute emotionalism with rational wildlife conservation.

Enacting H.R. 2245 will severely hinder the importation of some legally-hunted animals and ban the importation of others. Congress should not pass a bill that would undermine successful conservation programs, substitute prejudice for the rational decisions of wildlife management experts around the world, and turn a blind eye to science.

Also, a proposed approproations bill introduced in July of 2020 that will fund the Department of the Interior through the end of FY21 has a provision that would block the United State Fish and Wildlife Service from issuing a permit for the import of a sport-hunted trophy of an elephant or lion taken in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, or Zambia.

Tell your member of Congress to OPPOSE the CECIL Act as well as oppose Section 436 of the House FY21 Interior Appropriations bill. and keep politics out of wildlife management!

Urge Prime Minister Trudeau to Rescind Canada's Gun Ban

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently issued an Order in Council that contains some of the most restrictive and shocking gun control measures ever implemented in North America. What was originally touted by Trudeau and gun control advocates as an “assault weapons ban” actually extends beyond firearms typically labeled as “assault weapons” to include firearms quite commonly used by hunters and recreational shooters throughout Canada and around the world.

Efforts to ban modern sporting rifles are consistently focused on emotion, cosmetics, and appearances with no regard for the operation and performance characteristics of these firearms.

The most alarming development to come from the gun ban is the prohibition of all modern 10- and 12-gauge shotguns, some of the most commonly used hunting firearms in Canada. A legal review by the Canadian Shooting Sports Association revealed that provisions in the order related to bore diameter and removable chokes are why these common shotguns are included in the ban.

Most disturbing is the decision to include this provision followed the announcement from Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Bill Blair that they would not be seeking to ban guns suitable for hunting. There are an estimated 1.5 – 2 million Canadian residents who own shotguns that are now illegal as a result of this poorly considered rule.

United Kingdom Trophy Ban

The United Kingdom is currently considering several proposals that would prohibit or severely restrict the import and export of hunting trophies to and from the UK. The UK government is now accepting public input through a consultation process.

SCI worked with Blood Origins to produce a video series featuring experts from the affected areas in Africa, asking them specific, pointed questions about the importance of hunting in their countries and what a ban would mean for conservation, economy and their way of life.

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