HUK Adds Kryptek Obskura Patterns To Lineup Of Fin Fleece Hoodies

Just in time for cold weather, two brand-new Kryptek Obskura patterns are now available in HUK’s Fin Hoodie.

The Fin Hoodie from HUK is made with a durable, water-resistant fleece. The cuffs and hem are fitted to help keep the cold out, keeping the end-user warm and comfortable.

The popular hoodie is now available in Kryptek Obskura Shallows and Signa.

Obskura is a brand-new family of camouflage patterns from Kryptek, including multiple color ways with well-defined edges that cause abrupt transitions between colors and a multi-directional flow. Six unique colors were developed with HUK’s popular Kryptek collection in mind, including the Fin Hoodie.

The macro-pattern of Kryptek’s original family of patterns became the micro-pattern for Obskura, and elements inspired by the extensively proven Tiger Stripe Camo became the macro-pattern. Obskura is designed to dynamically break-up the user’s outline and improve effectiveness of concealment at longer ranges.

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