“Go Eat A Couch If You Want”

“To be or not to be” might have been the question in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but the question of the day is “to eat meat or not to eat meat.”

Movie stars are in a unique position of directing social trends. When a well-known personality veers from the “party line” by wearing fur, hunting or eating meat, social activists in one form or another feel they have the right to sermonize or “take-to-task” the offending individual.

Movie star and talk show host Whoopie Goldberg recently felt the wrath of the absurd animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, according to an article in Plant Based News, a vegan-oriented news site.


Defending her freedom to choose what goes into her mouth, the host of the talk show The View said, “What I don't want is no choice. I like the bacon, I want the bacon, you don't have to eat it… No one should tell you that you can't have something.”

Accusing Goldberg of going on a rant, PETA went on its own rant against the movie-star. “Really, Whoopi? Eating bacon is your Friday cause? Your 'choice' really hurts. Be kind,” PETA said “Animals should have a choice though. Eating bacon causes enormous suffering and ends a pig's life.

In response to PETA’s attack, Goldberg again defended her right to choose what to eat, tweeting to her 1.5 million followers, “Hey I understand PETA is making a fuss because I like bacon. I never said I was a vegan… I would NEVER suggest that ANYONE pressure any one of YOU to change your vegan habits. Go eat a couch if you want.”





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