Gilbert Aguilar: SCI Measuring Coordinator

Gilbert Aguilar Record Book Department

This month, it’s my pleasure to introduce SCI Measuring Coordinator Gilbert Aguilar.  Gilbert is based in the Membership and Business Operations center in Tucson, Arizona where he oversees over 1,500 active measurers for SCI and trains an average of 100 new measurers annually. A lifelong hunter and fisherman, Gilbert understands the role that we as hunters play in wildlife conservation. His focus is to educate, inform and support SCI’s mission through the Measuring Program.

Gilbert is an integral part of promoting the future of hunting by selecting the youth and huntresses reflected in the monthly Safari Times cover and insert photos of our members worldwide.

In 2018, nine of the 12 issues included a huntress or youth member on the cover, not including the countless others featured inside the Safari Times. In 2019, three more have been recognized on the cover of the Safari Times and will continue to encourage more huntresses and youth hunters to participate in the SCI Record Book by documenting their hunting heritage and setting the example for future generations to have the opportunity to hunt.  

Gilbert helps our membership not only to measure an average of 4,000 Record Book entries per year, but he also helps members with a trophy room measuring service that assists any member who needs to document an entire collection and update all awards to participate in the WHA program. He works with Guides, Outfitters and SCI Chapters to arrange for official, master and complex measuring seminars to be conducted for their employees/volunteers, assuring that everyone adheres to SCI’s guidelines for measuring.

In addition, Gilbert is responsible for executing SCI-supported scoring events for partner organizations that use our method of scoring for their Expos and Conventions. The SCI measuring system is the preferred method used to score antlers as it gives credit to antlered game, based on what it grew without reducing a score because of natural differences between sides.   

Gilbert has incorporated the delivering of the SCI Foundation’s Blue Bag program whenever he travels as another way to provide necessary support for those in need and to promote the value of hunting to our future. Blue bags are distributed by SCIF to hunters who deliver them directly to villages, clinics, orphanages and schools, doctors, caretakers and teachers to use with people in need. 

Additionally, Gilbert is a master measurer who is available to assist anyone with measuring questions or to assist Record Book entries to get certified.  Gilbert figured out a way to certify heads using live video conferencing technology, which has allowed the SCI Record Book Department to work with measurers worldwide to certify top 20 animals. In August of this year (2019) he will help SCI achieve another milestone in our industry, conducting a seminar through live video technology for members in Germany. Gilbert is in constant communication with members, assisting them with measuring questions in the field or guiding them through their WHA progress to ensure that members are achieving their goals to qualify for SCI’s prestigious awards.

If you want to set up a measuring seminar or to get a trophy room measured, please contact Gilbert or any of the Record Book staff. They will assist you. He is always available to meet with members at our Annual Convention. However, please set a date and time to do so since he also conducts the Official and Master Measuring Seminars during the show. In Gilbert’s words: “Happy Hunting & Fishing!”–Jeff Meyerl, Chairman Record Book and World Hunting Award Committee

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