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How To Submit an Entry to the Record Book

The SCI Record Book of Animals is a living history of our hunting heritage, so accuracy and proper documentation are key.

  1. To enter one or more entries, locate an official or master measurer to have your species measured. Find a measurer in your area with our Search for a Measurer database. Simply enter your zip code or country.
  2. Each entry must be submitted on official SCI measuring forms. All official measurers have current measuring forms. Measuring forms are also available for download. Fill out the form completely, and please print legibly.
  3. field photo(s) must be attached for each animal. The photo serves several purposes – to verify the species of animal as well as to distinguish all the points on antlered game. Three photos are required for antlered game (front, right, and left views) to make out all the points clearly.
  4. Visit the Online Record Book to submit your Record Book entry using our fast and secure shopping cart. Visit NEW! Submit Your Record Book Entries Online for detailed information on submitting your entries electronically. Or mail your completed entry forms to:
    Safari Club International
    ATTN: Record Book Department
    4800 West Gates Pass Road
    Tucson, AZ 85745
  5. You must be a member to participate and submit entries

Photo Entry Form

What happens to my entry once I submit it?

The entire Record Book process normally takes 8-12 weeks. The completion of medallion plaques may take up to 4 additional weeks.

Please be sure all information is complete and all the proper documentations are submitted otherwise this may hold up your entries from being accepted into the SCI Record Book.

Once the Record book entry is processed by staff it is sent to the sub-chair, where the sub-chair will carefully check the information on the score sheet for each entry in his/her batch. The sub-chair will either approve the entry as submitted or will place the entry on hold until additional information is gathered. Once the entries have been approved by the sub-chair the entry will be ranked and a 3x5 certification card is mailed to the SCI member. These cards are the member's final notification on their entry and notifies a member where their animal officially ranks. If a medallion plaque is ordered with the Record Book entry, it will arrive approximately 2-4 weeks after the certification card.

Deadline for entry submission for the future Record Book and the Major Awards is March 31st of the corresponding year.

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