GAMO Swarm Bone Collector Goes Gen 2

GAMO Adult Precision Air Rifles revolutionized the breakbarrel air rifle industry back in 2017 with the introduction of Swarm 10X Technology. Swarm shooters simply loaded 10 pellets into the magazine, snapped it into place and could shoot without fumbling around for another pellet after every shot – just break the barrel and shoot again.

The second generation of Swarm 10X Technology debuted last year, and for 2021, the extremely popular Bone Collector series moves into Gen 2 technology. Bone Collector air rifles, endorsed by Michael Waddell and Travis T-Bone Turner, are Gamo’s top-performing small-game hunting airguns. It features a handsome, high-grade beechwood stock and the Bone Collector logo.

Generation 2 Swarm 10X Technology puts the magazine horizontal along the barrel, creating a lower profile on top of the rifle. This lower profile allows for the return of open, fiber optic sights. With second generation Swarm 10X Technology, the magazines are now inertia-fed, which avoids double loading of pellets – the magazine rotates and inserts the pellet into the breach using the inertia of the recoil when the rifle is fired. It also places the pellet the exact same way each round, providing even more accuracy.

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