Freedom Arms Donates Special Revolver For SCI Anniversary

Freedom Arms Inc. and Baron Engraving have teamed-up with a breathtaking donation for auction at the 2022 SCI Convention in Las Vegas.

The Freedom Arms Model 83 single-action, Premier Grade revolver in .454 Casull with 7.5-inch barrel, custom giraffe bone grips and adjustable sights, has been masterfully engraved, making it a one-of-a-kind functional work of art.

The project began the year before the COVID-19 pandemic when SCI Record Book Committee Vice Chair Mark Hampton and I met with Bob Baker, president of Freedom Arms, at the last SHOT Show before the pandemic.

Baker introduced us to Tom Lent, Custom Shop Manager for Baron Engraving of Milford, CT, and a plan was hatched.

 Freedom Arms would make the special revolver and then send it to Baron Engraving to be engraved especially for SCI’s 50th Anniversary.

This revolver is hand engraved by Master Engraver Rob Bunting, using a traditional foliate scroll pattern over 70 percent of the frame cylinder and grip frame.

The background has been relieved with mechanical texturing to accentuate the scroll which is all single line shaded to emphasize the illusion of depth.

The unfluted cylinder has a solid continuous scroll. Each side of the octagonal barrel has an interwoven geometric line pattern, and the top of the barrel features a running scale design.

Individually cut bead patterns appear on the top strap. Scroll on the top and bottom of the backstrap is linked by a wavy line border. The sides of the hammer and trigger guard are also embellished. As a finishing touch, custom made genuine giraffe bone grips were fitted to the gun.

Freedom Arms firearms allow a given cartridge to reach its greatest potential in accuracy and velocity. The characteristics of each cartridge are matched to chamber, throat, and barrel diameters along with rifling twists to stabilize a broad range of bullets at a variety of velocities.

Baron Technology, Inc. is the largest and most versatile independent finishing company in the United States, dedicated to decorative and industrial engraving of high-value, three-dimensional products.–Steve Comus