Forget The Democrats And Republicans – Join The Animals Party

On the heels of the Florida Mayoral Candidate running for office as a loggerhead turtle, Reuters reports on the newest political party in Portugal – the People-Animals-Nature (PAN) party.

The report claims that PAN is seen as getting four or more seats in the Portuguese parliament and that PAN may fill the vacuum left by a souring of the government’s relationship with traditional far-left allies.

Although PAN is running on a platform of lower taxes on pet food and opposition to bull fights, the report says that PAN wants more influence on environmental policy and is open to deals.

animals voting cartoon

“They [PAN] defend animal rights: not just the rich ladies’ kitties and pooches, but all the animals, and the environment, that’s what attracted me,” said  Alexandre Corona, a 40-year-old dog owner and car factory worker, who transcends PAN’s typical big-city, student-age voter base.

Critics charge that PAN, as the “animal party,” places animal rights about those of humans. PAN argues that it seeks to promote a better world of harmony between humans and nature.

Aside from seeking more humane treatment of animals, PAN has urged the government to declare a climate emergency.

The party is open to backing the government in parliament if it commits to making “a clear change in our productivists, oil-dependent, hightly carbonized economy,” said PAN leader Andre Silva, a vegetarian who scuba-dives and attends group movement sessions known as “biodance.”

We have met the enemy and he is us – Pogo

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