Federal: Our Legislative Priorities

Safari Club International represents concerned hunters and conservationists who believe the issues below are critical to protecting the freedom to hunt and continuing proven conservation policies here and around the world. As we enter our 53rd year of defending your right to hunt here are a few key issues we are monitoring in 2024:

  1. OPPOSE Trophy Bans: Well-regulated international hunting is vital to conservation, maintaining biodiversity, and species survival in southern Africa and around the world. Hunting programs, especially those involving rural communities in conservation and management, are proven tools to sustain both species and habitat.

  2. SUPPORT Pittman-Robertson: Since 1937, The Pittman-Robertson Act has put $15 billion towards wildlife conservation, hunter recruitment, construction of public shooting ranges and other activities. This primary funding source for state fish and wildlife agencies serves as a key link between hunters and the federal government and should be maintained unless an equal source.

  3. SUPPORT No-Net Loss: A No-Net-Loss policy means maintaining or increasing the current level of hunting and fishing access across the country. This includes physical access to public lands, economic access, and access to information. Committing to support a No-Net-Loss policy supports sound stewardship of our natural resources, as hunters and anglers are essential to the effective management of public land.

  4. Modernize the Endangered Species Act: The ESA must be modernized and strengthened to work better for wildlife and for hunters. The inadequacy of the current ESA to recognize State input has resulted in uninformed and damaging decisions. States’ role in species recovery and conservation is essential, and the ESA must be amended to give them a louder voice in decision-making. The ESA also must allow for better implementation and recognition of successful conservation efforts.

  5. Support H.R. 615, the Protecting Hunters and Anglers Act: There is not enough scientific evidence to show that hunting with lead ammunition can cause significant harm to habitat, animals, or in consumption of extracted meat, and it certainly does not warrant a ban or phaseout from the federal government. H.R. 615 would prohibit the banning of lead ammunition on public lands without sufficient scientific justification.