DRACON – A Voyage into the World of Dragons.

Austrian Luxury Gunmakers Johann Fanzoj take the ancient idea of Guns & Art to a new dimension.

Dracon rifleDRACON is an opulent ride into the mystical world of dragons, rulers over the elemental forces; powerful protectors and challengers alike on man´s eternal Search for the Dragon´s pearl. A demonstration of craftsmanship skills and artistic talent.

Never before have artistic projects on weapons been conceptionally reasoned so extensively and carried through so meticulously to the smallest detail. Company Johann Fanzoj thereby builds on a rich craftsmanship culture and skills passed down from generation to generation, providing lasting testimony to the social and cultural relevance attached to creating and decorating magnificent hunting weapons throughout human history.

Fanzoj takes pride in fostering this unique set of craftsmanship skills and continues to inspire and fascinate people worldwide with this ancient art form.

The DRACON rifle is unique, a true Original. It took thousands of hours over the last three years to accomplish this exceptional project, using a wealth of talent and craftsmanship of a very high level – world’s best artisans, Fanzoj gunsmiths and stockmaker, saddler, tool and case maker; and the creative crew, designer, engraver, goldsmith. The combined creativity and energy in this object is truly tangible.

A fantastic conceptual achievement, stunningly brought to life on a mechanical Piece of Art.

Craftsmanship to Perfection

Established in 1790 in Ferlach, Austria, the Johann Fanzoj firm looks back on a tradition of fine craftsmanship upheld for eight generations.

Dragon front sightWhile holding firm to the rich heritage of traditional skills and old-world knowledge, the current directors Patrick and Daniela Fanzoj are bringing remarkably new visions to this old craft and fascinate worldwide by blending classic values and high aesthetics with unprecedented technical sophistication.

So, each year only a small number of exclusive guns and rifles leave Fanzoj´s workshop, amazing works of technical engineering, objects of beauty and cultural value, that have propelled Fanzoj into the worldwide elite of specialty and boutique firms.

Driven by a sense for perfection, high creativity and an open mind to explore, Johann Fanzoj today prides itself on producing the finest individual pieces for the most discerning and individual of people – ultra-customized tools for the adventure of a lifetime.

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