Derbyshire Vegans Have No Sense Of Humor

Vegans in the English town of Duffield do not see the humor in the advertising board of a local butcher. “Dear vegans, we have the cow that’s been eating all your grass. Your [sic] welcome,” reads the sign outside of Anthony Andrew Traditional Butchers.

Although meant as a “tongue in cheek” bit of fun, some passers-by didn’t see the humor in the message.

“One passer-by was outraged, not only by the 'alienating' message, but also by the quality of the writing. They took to social media to post: “Dear Anthony Andrews, when I saw the title of your board I was excited at what you might be offering; what a disappointment it was to then read this message and find you offering only hostility and bad grammar,” reported

The social justice commenter then offered the butcher a tip – “Don’t alienate potential customers. You’re welcome.”

What? A butcher shop, at least in theory, offers butchered products – meat, in other words. Vegans, by definition do not eat meat. Clearly, a vegan would not be considered a potential customer.

The shop owner, Anthony Griffiths commented, “We are well-known for our silly adverts and our videos we post online — it's all a bit of fun. There was no offence meant by them, we just like to have a good time and lighten the mood.

“We have signs up about vegetarians, but I guess some people are more sensitive than others.”


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