DC-Based Consumer Group Takes On HSUS During Super Bowl

The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) took on Humane Society of the United States with a frontal assault during the Super Bowl this past Sunday.

The CCF ran a television ad in the Washington, D.C. market during the heavily watched football season finale.

puppyThe ad tackles the illusion that HSUS uses donations to the charity to run pet shelters and aid animals. In fact, HSUS does not run a single pet shelter. Equally disturbing, the group has received a “D” rating from the highly-respected charity evaluator, CharityWatch. The poor grade is the result of poor use of donor money by HSUS.

According to tax records, HSUS has put nearly $50 million into offshore funds in the Caribbean – money it could use to help animals, said a statement by the CCF.

The Humane Society of the United States puts tax shelters ahead of pet shelters. Animal lovers should give to their local shelters, not to bloated national organizations that spend their money on big executive salaries, pensions, and lobbyists,” said Will Coggin, managing director of the Center for Consumer Freedom, in a statement.

View the ad here:

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