Conservation Partnership

Alabama Chapter of SCI present.  All of the organizations introduced themselves and explained how the organization works along with the cause or reason for the organization.

There were all walks of outdoors present including National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, local museums, Department of Natural Resources and even a bird watching and housing organization. All of the groups fight for the same cause — to protect and enhance the wildlife that they love so dearly.

The local Cabela’s agreed to let us all participate in any event that they host to spread the word and gain memberships. They also stated they would try to donate when possible to help raise much needed money to spread the conservation word. We also made contacts with local directors of the aforementioned organizations to help with any events where we or they might benefit and strengthen the conservation word.

A lot of times you see ads in magazines or on websites where certain companies participate in sponsorships or help organizations in other ways. I am here to say that Cabela’s stands behind their word as much as the products they sell, and the Alabama chapter looks forward to working with them. Please support our supporters. It takes members, sponsors, donors and many others to help make SCI what it is.

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