Congratulations to SCI’s Kansas City Chapter!

The Kansas City Chapter of Safari Club International Foundation was awarded a coveted Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) Commission Big Game Permit at the January 2022 KDWP Commission meeting.  The KDWP Commission Big Game Permit program allows eligible conservation organizations to apply for one of seven big game permits, which can then be sold to raise funds for pre-approved conservation projects.  Organizations drawn may receive just one Commission Big Game Permit in a three-year period.

One elk, one antelope or up to seven deer permits are issued each year, depending on applicant preference.  The permits are either-species/either-sex and are valid statewide during any season with legal equipment for that season; they do not count against other big game permits the license holder is eligible for.

Once the permit is sold, 15 percent of the total sale price is kept by the organization. The remainder raised is then remitted to KDWP to be utilized on a jointly determined conservation project.

The Chapter ultimately chose a Deer Permit and the permit recently sold for a record $42,000.  The Kansas City Chapter was initially excited to be awarded a permit and even more excited when the permit sold for a record amount.   The Kansas City SCI Chapter and KDWP are working now to identify the projects that 85% of this money will fund. 

Thanks to KDWP for this great program.  The Kansas City SCI Chapter looks forward to strengthening the existing conservation partnership with the Department and the Commission well into the future.

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