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Big Win for Hunting Access and Sustainable Management in Tennessee!

Last week, Safari Club International (SCI), and several partner organizations, launched a petition against HB1674 and SB1839 in Tennessee, which would have transferred ownership and management of the Yanahli Wildlife Management Area (WMA) to the county level. Thanks to the efforts of sportsmen and women in Tennessee, the bills have been withdrawn!  

In Tennessee, counties do not have the legal authority to manage fish and wildlife. This authority is reserved for the state, as is indicated in state Constitution. The hunting community was additionally concerned that the transfer of the WMA from the state to county level could have diverted Yanahli to other uses or been poorly managed. This would have reduced access for hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities on the 12,800 acre area.

As the country’s leader in advocacy to protect the freedom to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation through sustainable use, SCI thanks you for your efforts in opposing these bills. This also sends a strong message from the hunting community: when we stand together, we are a strong voice for hunting rights, conservation, and sustainable wildlife management.

This is important now more than ever as SCI fights for hunting access, and it doesn’t end in Tennessee. We will continue to fight at the local, state, federal, and international levels to ensure No-Net-Loss policies of hunting and fishing access.

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