Aubuchon Joins Record Book Department

 I want to introduce the newest addition to the SCI Record Book Department, Record Book Specialist Duane Aubuchon. Duane has been on staff for a few months now after finishing his 30-year career with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, where he spent the last several as a Wildlife Manager Supervisor in the southeastern part of the state.

Though he is an Arizona native, Duane has worked for the U.S. Forest Service in Washington as well, and hunted throughout several Western states and internationally, completing a hunt in Burkina Faso last year. As a member of the Arizona Trophy Book Committee, Duane helped edit and publish two Arizona Wildlife Trophy Books from 2004—2011. He has been a member of SCI for more than 19 years and an Official Measurer for the last 16.

Duane with ibexAs the Record Book Specialist, Duane is responsible for managing and processing Record Book and Photo entries into the Record Book software and providing customer service support to SCI members. His role in the Record Book Department includes the identification and categorizing of all species throughout the world from photographs. Besides species verification, he ensures locations, scores and methods listed on the entry forms are all accurate and correct.

As a certified wildlife biologist, Duane actually enjoys researching species classifications and distributions from other continents that he has never seen before. This often calls for reviewing the taxonomic notes contained in the record book software to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date. If entries are misclassified, he coordinates with the Record Book Committee and SCI members to resolve discrepancies and maintain the integrity of our Record Book. So, if any questions on entries are encountered, expect a call or email from the Record Book Department for clarification. Conversely, if members have any questions about species or entries, please call Duane at the SCI Record Book Department.

Duane’s duties here at the Record Book Department also include coordination with the Record Book Committee on their review and approval of entries, billing members for entry fees, and processing medallion plaque, photo medallion plaque, and Top 20 plaque orders for members. Be sure to call him if you have any question about ordering medallion plaques or previous plaque orders.

Additionally, he will work with the Record Book staff to assist members in achieving their World Hunting Award objectives. Duane looks forward to becoming a certified Master Measurer and assisting with the scoring of big game animals as needed for SCI members locally and assisting the SCI Record Book Director Gabe Paz and Measuring Coordinator Gilbert Aguilar in the scoring of trophy rooms for SCI members throughout the U.S.

Duane tells me he became a member of SCI years ago because the organization was one of the few that was actually fighting for a hunter’s right to hunt and everything associated with that, from firearm ownership to national and international travel with guns and game. This is also why he sought out employment with SCI. Duane is also a member of other conservation organizations and assists with on-the-ground conservation projects and youth hunting clinics, as well.–Jeff Meyerl, Record Book Committee Chair


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